Sunday, October 01, 2006


Just returned from my date. I'm never letting Deadpool set me on a Blind date again. Because of Thor I thought I had set the date. But it was really Deadpool. The woman in question was Big Bertha of the GLC(Great Lake Champions). Her special power to to be really fat or really skinny. Sadly she refuses to change back to her skinny self until all superheroes register.

See I'm one of the heroes who's been helping out Cap even though registration doesn't affect me at all. The U.S. government and Tony Stark told Deadpool to set me up on this date. Because I didn't register Bertha sat on me, and well I'm embarassed to say I was stuck in her for several weeks.

I returned to find Deadpool has given up being a mercenary. What this means for his Apprentice show I have no idea. He's been acting odd lately. Something's gotta give.


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