Saturday, November 25, 2006

Getting some Booty!

Ha-ha, in your face everyone! I just hooked up with my ex-girlfriend Domino. She's pretty hot for someone who looks like a Panda(don't tell her I said that). She's defineately one of the htotest mutants out there.

Sadly, this means I'll have to decline the title of Sexiest Bachelor(eat Clooney!).

Anyway I travelled today to meet with the new president of Genosha, to help them rebuild. For those of you who are from the past, alternate reality, different planets, Genosha is an island country off the coast of Genosha. About 4 years ago it was nuked by Cassandra Nova with most of the population dying. They're trying to make it a good place to live once again. The President Elect I met with is Dr. Henery McCoy(no, not that one, the evil one. Dark Beast). I've pledged with the help of Latervia to donate 800 billion castheros(that's Rumkeistan's currencey, approximately 98 million dollars) to rebuild the country. There's currently only 12 residents and Unus's corpse. So we're going to encourage immigration their. Mainly from Wakanda and China. Although not many people are keen on buying a radioactive house even if the price has been slashed from 2 million dollars to 2 dollars. We'll be working on making the country safe to live in health wise this week. Anyone willing to help is more than welcome to. Except She-hulk and Gaia. And Deadpool.